Wild Kula Yoga


What is Wild Kula?

Kula is Sanskrit for community or tribe, so you may be wondering what does Wild Kula mean? Have I just joined a yogic cult? 

Let me explain what Wild Kula means to me...

We are wildly curious creatures, we have the ability to radiate our energies and use each others vibrations to lift each other up. We are all wild at heart, with a passion for freedom. Here is a space for like minded, curious souls who want to feel the freedom in day to day life, yoga is not always about being on the mat, it is about community, passion, and having fun.


Melissa from Kula Yoga has shown me my first steps into the big and exciting world of yoga with all the patience in the world. Every single one of my expectations has been surpassed and exceeded beyond belief - I have truly grown as a person since I have started. Even though sometimes challenging my body and soul are glowing to the extent that I can truly say I am a more complete person, I cannot recommend Melissa enough.


I have been doing yoga on and off over the years, so when I saw Melissa set up online classes I decided that I wanted to commit to a yoga practice again. I have really loved Melissas dynamic and connected to the earth approach to teaching. Each week is something new to try which I really love, there are always options to push yourself further along with staying where you feel comfortable which I love within a lesson! Melissa is a very calm soul which radiates across, even through a screen! I would really recommend Melissa to anyone wanting to start or continue yoga like me as the space she creates is very welcoming!



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