"My Yoga journey started 8 years ago, I was mesmerised by all kinds of yoga poses on instagram and thought what the hell lets give it a go. I began to attend 1 or 2 classes a week. As my flexibility improved, I grew ever more intrigued by the philosophy of yoga and how this practice was helping me in day to day life. I was lucky enough to be able indulge in my passion and undertake a teacher training course at The Same Star Yoga School.

If you would have told a younger version of myself that I would be teaching yoga today my response would be “No Way! You can’t stand on your head and bend like that!”

And the TRUTH is, I still can’t. 

Yoga is an individual practice, and everyone comes to the mat for a different reason. I believe that yoga classes should be fun, we should enjoy the journey and not the destination!"

Melissa Faux



Wild Kula was originally born out of detachment from my own ego, I wanted to create a safe space for yogis to come and practice, whether that be for a fitness gain, to get away from the outside world or to just have a catch up! 

Our core beliefs is that yoga should be fun and for everyone!

As most of you know I am a creative soul, dipping my toe into many diverse hobbies and creative practices. I am an Artist, Textile Designer, Event Manager, Yoga Student & a Free Spirit. 

As a way of umbrella-ing all of these passions Wild Kula was born. Together we can build a space for creative expression stepping out of the box! 



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